Why Rossco?
By establishing a truly client-centric approach and remuneration model, Rossco challenges the status quo of the traditional methods of engagement, procurement and management.
A cross-functional approach
Rossco’s cross-functional approach gives our clients direct access to the best expertise in project, construction, and development management. Our model and network, developed over 12 years, creates efficiencies which often result in considerable savings in time and budget as well as preventing abortive works.

Our collaborative style, based on partnerships with full time project teams and regular access to our expert executive board, enables our clients to achieve the highest levels of quality and individualism in their homes. In addition, by offering construction management as a contractual option we provide our clients with the fastest and most cost effective method of procurement in a very challenging construction market. 
A transparent fee structure
We adopt a different fee structure to most other property consultancies. Instead of charging a percentage of the project value, which can often be opaque and less likely to generate impartial advice for different workstreams, we charge based on the time spent by our dedicated client teams.
A commitment to excellence
Rossco is committed to delivering exceptional service to our select group of private clients. Our senior management team’s close attention to project resourcing ensures that we provide each client with the expertise and focus they require. By building long lasting and personal relationships with our clients we help to generate a successful and motivated site during any construction project.